General History

History of Craftsbury Public House

The structure was built in 1851 as a private residence by Amasa Scott, a successful local merchant, dairy innovator and early proponent of women’s rights. Around the same time, Scott also donated land and lent funds to construct the Craftsbury Town Hall, still in service, to bolster the standing of the village as a center for commerce and discourse. After the Scott family passed away, the building served as a retail store, a finishing school for girls (“The Pinell School”) and a boarding house for students at Craftsbury Academy. 

In 1935, the Lyon sisters opened the Lyonhurst Inn. Since then, the house was an inn and a restaurant & bar until December 2012 when it was put up for auction as a result of foreclosure. In December 2013, new owners Sung-Hee Chung and Wyle Solomon donated the property to the Concrete Foundation, which operates the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. In July 2015, the Concrete Foundation “donates forward” the property to the newly formed Forestille Foundation.